Tire Care & Alignment in Grants Pass OR

One of the main goals of the Service Department at Jim Sigel Automotive is to make sure our customers are ready for any road condition they encounter.  Tire care & alignment is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance.  The tire is what is in contact with the road for braking, traction and safety, but also plays an important role in gas mileage.  

Why is Tire Tread Important?

A tire with good tread is critical for a vehicle’s ability to keep in contact with the road and to stop quickly and safely.  This becomes even more important during rainy and snowy months when the roads become wet and slick here in Southern Oregon.  The depth of the tire tread is what allows the water to disperse properly under the tires and stay connected to the road.

Have you ever wondered what the color chart on your multi-point inspection really means?  The graph above illustrates your stopping abilities with 10/32” (green), 4/32” (yellow), and 2/32” (red) tread depth in the rain.  As you can see there is a substantial difference in your ability to stop carefully with 10/32” of tread vs. 2/32” of tread.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is another important aspect of driving.  As the weather changes and the temperature decreases, tires lose pressure.  It is important to monitor your tire pressure more closely during the winter months.  Proper inflation provides more traction, a quieter ride, and longer tire life.  As illustrated to the right under inflated tires can result in poor performance and response time, as well as reducing the overall safety of your vehicle. 

What about an Alignment?

The roads we drive here in Southern Oregon are not always the most well maintained, or for that matter paved, leaving for a lot of wear on our vehicles alignment.  Potholes, and sometimes even the ‘gentle’ bump of the curb can throw your vehicle’s alignment off.  Poor alignment results in your vehicle pulling to the left or right rather than driving in a straight line.  While annoying in the least, poor alignment can lead to the uneven tire wear and reduced gas mileage.  A 4-wheel alignment service will improve handling and make your vehicle run more efficiently.

If you are wondering whether your tires are functioning properly don’t hesitate to call or stop in the Service Department.  If you are worried about the added expense of a tire purchase we provide CarCare ONE. CareCare ONE offers interest free financing on purchases over $199 for up to six months.  Tire care & alignment should be a top priority not only for safety, but the comfort and easy of driving.  

Did you know that we sell tires here at Jim Sigel Automotive?  That’s right, not only do we offer tires by many of the major manufacturers such as Dunlop, Firestone, Bridgestone and many more, but when you purchase your tires with us you receive free tire rotations for the life of your tires and more!  We really are serious about your tire care & alignment and want to make sure you are too!

With the purchase of tires from our Service Department you also receive:

  • FREE flat repair
  • FREE tire rotation for the life of your tires
  • 2- Year road hazard program
  • Hunter balancing and available state-of-the-art Road Force Balancing